Editorial Team

Dr. Roberto Caldelli
CNIT – National Interuniversity
Consortium for Telecommunications
Research Unit at MICC
Media Integration and Communication Center
Ph.D., Telecommunications and
Computer Science Engineering
University of Florence, Italy

Dr. Babar shah
Ph.D., Wireless and Mobile Networks
Department of Informatics
Gyeongsang National University
South Korea

Dr. Mohammad Reza Shadnam
Canadian Scientific Research and
Experimental Development
KPMG LLP, Canada
Ph.D., Nanotechnology
University of Alberta

Dr. Xiaoxun Sunx
Australian Council
for Educational Research
Ph.D., Computer Science
University of Southern Queensland

Dr. Dariusz Jacek Jakóbczak
Department of Electronics
and Computer Science
Koszalin University of Technology, Koszalin
Ph.D., Computer Science
Japanese Institute of
Information Technology,
Warsaw, Poland.

Dr. Yi Zhao
Harbin Institute of Technology
Shenzhen Graduate School, China
Ph.D., The Hong Kong
Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

Dr. Homero Toral Cruz
University of Quintana Roo
Ph.D., Telecommunications
Center for Research and Advanced Studies
National Polytechnic Institute

Dr. Shi Zhou
Senior Lecturer
Dept of Computer Science
Faculty of Engineering Science
Ph.D., Telecommunications
Queen Mary, University, London

Dr. Gerhard X Ritter
Emeritus Professor
Department of Mathematics
Dept. of Computer & Information
Science & Engineering
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dr. Ikvinderpal Singh
Assistant Professor,
P.G. Deptt. of Computer Science & Applications,
Trai Shatabdi GGS Khalsa College, India

Prof. Qingjun Liu
School of Computer Science and Technology
Professor for Computer Science
Ph.D., Control Theory and Control Engineering
Harbin Engineering University, China

Dr. Qiang Duan
Information Sciences & Technology Department
Pennsylvania State University
Abington College, USA
Ph.D., University of Mississippi, USA

Dr. Saad Subair
College of Computer and Information Sciences
Alazaeim Alazhari University, Khartoum North, SUDAN
Associate Professor of Computer Science and Information System
Ph.D., Computer Science- Bioinformatics
University of Technology, Malaysia

Dr. Georgia R Quinn
Ph.D. (Queen’s University Belfast)
M.Sc. (University of Birmingham)
United Kingdom

Dr. Xiaochun Cheng
Middlesex University, UK
Ph.D., Jilin University

Dr. José Reinaldo Silva
Ph.D., University of São Paulo